Follow these 6 tips to leave a great 1st impression on your partner’s parents

Partner’s parents
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With Christmas and the New Year quickly approaching, this could mean holiday parties, secret Santa exchanges, and impending family dinners for many. If you have recently started dating someone or just got into a relationship, the holidays could also mean that you might soon be meeting your partner’s parents.

While meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can initially feel stressful, it is an important milestone and could teach you a lot about your partner or the trajectory of your relationship. And look at it this way, you only have to meet them for the first time once – after that, visits to their house will hopefully not feel as daunting. If meeting the parents is on the horizon for you this holiday season, try to shake off your nerves and follow these seven tips to make sure you leave a great first impression.

Bring a gift

Generally speaking, you should never arrive at a house you are visiting for the first time empty-handed. This same rule applies to meeting your partner’s parents. It’s the perfect gesture to show how grateful you are to have visited their home, and it will score you some major points. 

Don’t overindulge in alcohol

A glass of wine or two should be fitting depending on your alcohol tolerance, but you don’t want to risk getting drunk around them for the first time. You want to stay as clear and level-headed as possible so that you don’t unintentionally give their parents a reason to dislike you.

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