Tamron Hall’s ‘As the Wicked Watch’ is an intense read

Hall fights the stigma that journalists are invasive or force themselves into the lives of many victims and families during their stages of grief. The opposite can be seen for Jordan, who may just get too involved with the cases, blurring the line between journalist or detective and creating an unhealthy work-life balance. Jordan goes above and beyond to find answers for Masey’s mother and the community, bringing a lot of emotional baggage and constant anxiety home, affecting her mental health and personal relationships. 

Hall shines a light on the disparities in media coverage of missing Black girls, communities overwhelmed with crime, corruption when handling such cases, delivering an intense mystery that may hit too close to home. 

Hall is an Emmy award-winning TV host, journalist, author and philanthropist. She is a graduate of Temple University and resides in New York City. As the Wicked Watch is the first Jordan Manning novel.

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