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Joycelyn R. Barnett is walking in her purpose to help others

Guided workbook prompts readers to begin actively walking in their purpose
Joycelyn R. Barnett is walking in her purpose to help others
Joycelyn R. Barnett, Ed.D. (Photo courtesy of Joycelyn Barnett)

Joycelyn R. Barnett is an educator, author, mentor and motivational speaker who founded Pathway Forward to motivate and mentor participants to reach their full potential. After an early retirement due to health issues, she began writing her debut workbook. She enjoys painting, drawing, graphic design, tending to her garden, and spending time with her family.

Rolling out spoke with Barnett about her debut book, Walking in Your Purpose.

What inspired you to write Walking in Your Purpose?
After dealing with an unexpected medical condition that resulted in making the decision to take early retirement, I was at a crossroads in my life. I thought what you did for a living was your purpose, it was at that moment I felt lost, confused, and unsure of the future. The book reflects my personal journey and self-discovery of identifying and claiming my true purpose.

What should readers and audiences expect from Walking in Your Purpose?
This guided workbook will prompt readers to identify and claim their unique talents, skills and attributes as a way to begin actively walking in their purpose with the confidence that “you are enough.”

What was the hardest part of writing Walking in Your Purpose?
The hardest part was being vulnerable and transparent as I reflected on my internal challenges and experiences as I journeyed through this process of claiming my true purpose in this new space in my life.

Joycelyn R. Barnett is walking in her purpose to help others

Does this book depict you in any way?
This book depicts me 100%. Through the quick-read chapters, I share my story through this process. Each chapter also gives the initial practical steps I used along the way. In addition, at the end of each chapter, there is a Call to Action, and I periodically refer back to these, which helps me refocus as I walk in my purpose.

What inspires you to write?
My heart and purpose inspire me to write. During this process, I identified my true purpose: to encourage and motivate others to be the best they can be. Ironically, through this process, I realized I had been walking in my purpose for decades but did not recognize it because I was looking at the superficial definition of what my purpose was.

How important is it for Black writers to tell their stories?
It is critical for Black writers to share their stories. I came from a generation where I was taught “you were never to show weakness, and what happens at the house stays at the house.” This included any personal challenges or struggles you were facing. I have found that when we, as Black writers, share our stories, we provide an avenue to impact so many (across generations) that they are not alone. There is someone that looks like them that have had a similar experience and made it through. For me and my story, I want readers, especially women and girls of color, to know
that they are enough, they belong, and they are qualified.

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