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Calvin L. Butts Jr. stresses the value of investing in children and community

Calvin L. Butts Jr. stresses the value of investing in children and community
Calvin Butts Jr. (Photo courtesy of duGard Communications)

Calvin L. Butts Jr. has built a successful life as an investor. As co-founder of East Chop Capital, Butts has touched and impacted lives in the most rewarding way. But his greatest success has been being a father. Butts offers his thoughts on what it takes to be a great father in rolling out’s Father Coach Club Series.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?
For my family, I’m really trying to show them the spirit of entrepreneurialism as part of the legacy I am leaving my children and those youth of the community. As co-founder of East Chop Capital, a private equity firm that was born from the idea and necessity of working together—pooling the resources of many, to accomplish much more than individuals can on their own, it’s my intense focus to ensure that my children experience my efforts to lessen the wealth gap and continue that work for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

What traditions did your father pass on to you that you are passing on to your children?
I really feel like I never saw my dad dress down. He was always prepared to go somewhere. And that’s me. My kids are in shock if they ever see me in jeans. I’m always ready to walk into some country club or ready to get on a plane. I feel that when you dress well, you feel good, you look good and good things happen. I think my daughters are starting to pick up on that and the fact that even on weekends, you never know where you’re going or who you’re going to meet. Stay sharp. Stay prepared. My son hasn’t picked up on it yet, but he will.

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