Calvin L. Butts Jr. stresses the value of investing in children and community

What was one of the hardest moments you had being a father and why was it hard?
One of the hardest moments of being a father is traveling and over-committing myself to things and missing some of our children’s important activities. That’s been a struggle. Missing a basketball game or missing a back-to-school night…something that maybe when it first popped up on the calendar, I thought it was an optional thing. But then when you get home and you hear about it and you see the disappointment of you not being there, it hits you hard. So I would say missing a few things is tough. Because I’m ripping and rolling and traveling across the country looking at properties and scouting, I’ve missed some moments that I can’t get back.

Name one life lesson that no one taught you but should have.
When we grew up, life was about getting the best grades and going to the best schools. And that’s okay! That can certainly lead to a good life. But, one life lesson that no one taught me, but should have…well, I think not enough time is spent on people and the value of relationships, the value of networking, and the value of storytelling.  I had to learn the art of storytelling and selling to add [to] that discipline.

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