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Mathew Knowles proud of Beyoncé and Solange, gives 3 fatherhood tips

The longtime businessman also recaps his trip to Dubai

Matthew Knowles‘ business ventures made a million dollars before his daughter Beyoncé become the music icon that she is. Knowles recently spoke at the Traffic Sales and Profit Game Plan 2023 conference in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Following the event he spoke with rolling out and talked about his trip to Dubai for Beyoncé’s show and shared how proud he was about his other daughter, Solange.

How was it speaking at TSP?

I’m so grateful to be here. The topic of entrepreneurship, as Black people, we have to put that at the forefront. We don’t talk about that enough. We need to own our own businesses. Trillions of dollars we put into the U.S. economy leave our neighborhoods because we don’t have enough entrepreneurs.

What TSP is doing is needed. My hats off to all organizers. Everyone that’s a part of this event.

What three entrepreneurial tips can you give Black business owners for 2023?

[Think about] the who, the what, the why, the where.

Who is your customer? What is your product? Why should anyone buy it? Where can they buy it? That’s the key to entrepreneurship. And you have to have passion because being an entrepreneur is for seven days a week. It’s tough.

How proud of you are you of Solange?

Solange is a genius as a singer-songwriter, and with that pen – it’s a lot. I’m so proud of her to be the first Black woman to compose a score for the New York City Ballet. That’s a major accomplishment.

I’m very proud of what Solange has done. She has always been at the forefront of creativity, and I’m proud of her.

What was it like being in Dubai for Beyoncé’s concert?

The Dubai experience was once in a lifetime for me. The performance was amazing, incredible and appropriate. The surroundings, the environment, [it was] a moment. All of the family together was also a wonderful moment.

What are three tips you can give to Black fathers in 2023?

Please go and make sure you take care of your health. Health becomes a liability more than an asset. Without good health, there’s no wealth. There’s nothing you can do with it if you’re sick.

Secondly, make sure your heart is in order. [During the conference], I also talked about mental illness.

Lastly, make sure your soul is in order.

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