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Claim only the light

Claim only the light
Original artwork courtesy of Munson Steed for rolling out

Today celebrate the birthday of the light of the world. In the many shapes, the higher power has appeared and it is important that you recognize that you are part of the light.

This journey of life is filled with good and challenging emotional and physical experiences.

The mental, physical and emotional practice we all chose to apply to our lives will dictate our acceptance of the power of the light.

Uncertainty is certainly as a consequence of our power.

My beautiful prayers exist to allow us to easily access the light in all situations.

Serenity is a powerful gift to practice daily as a part of acknowledgment of our ability to accept tranquility offered in the honesty of our ability to live each day.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Many others exist and our love of self and respect of other grows as well as it acknowledges the need to practice life with a definitive light.

In this season of change, my hope is that you grow with love and welcomed transformation.

A day at a time is all we get to live. There is no rewind button to push, but we can reinvent ourselves daily.

May peace and love find you with every breath you take.

Live by acknowledging the light.

Claim only the light…

You close chapters to start a new story idea.

You are a bright star and lighthouse for many, so don’t echo anything negative about yourself or life.

We renew and redefine ourselves with love.

We listen to only positive voices that sing our praises and inspire our souls.

We feed ourselves kindness and goodness.

We accept ourselves with the understanding that we live without permanence… Selflessly, love without a return.

We affirm our best self at the start of each day with no possibility of living in yesterday.

By Munson Steed
Happy holidays

Thank you to all who claim the light.
Peace and blessings

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