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DeVon Franklin photographs himself crying

DeVon Franklin photographs himself crying

DeVon Franklin, the estranged husband of actress Meagan Good, took to Instagram to get candid about his current state of mind as he goes through a divorce.

The Hollywood movie executive and producer shared a photo with his 1.5 million Instagram fans showing himself in a pensive posture while tears stream down his face.

DeVon Franklin photographs himself crying

As fans are aware now, Franklin and Good mutually filed for divorce in December 2021 after nine years of marriage, shocking the Hollywood community and fans alike.

DeVon Franklin photographs himself crying

As for the reason for the pained expression in the first photograph, Franklin took great lengths to explain.

“I took this picture a few months ago, I’m not much of a crier so in a moment of deep pain and peace, I took this picture. It captures best how I feel. I share this with you because it is the most honest way to start this year. I know we are starting a new year yet I don’t wish you a Happy New Year … I wish you a Happy True Year.” 

Neither of the former power pair has articulated publicly the reason behind the split. But Franklin did explain why he wishes people a “Happy True Year.”

“Because, just because it’s new doesn’t make it true,” Franklin continued.

“So often I’ve come into a new year with all the things I hope to do better and I would carry around this feeling of ‘I didn’t do enough last year’ or ‘I’m not enough so I must do … more.’

“I’m breaking my addiction to the ‘new’ and working on being fully committed to what’s ‘true.’

“My prayer for you is the same prayer I have for myself, To have the truest year of life: 

  • True peace
  • True happiness
  • True friends
  • True love
  • True work
  • True fun
  • True faith
  • True money
  • True joy
  • True purpose”

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