D.L. Hughley bringing his unique humor to a new project

D.L. Hughley bringing his unique humor to a new project
DL Hughley (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / CarlaVanWagoner)

Kings of Comedy alum D.L. Hughley is now developing a sitcom that will be based on his life.

The outspoken, unapologetic, unfiltered Hughley will star and serve as the executive producer, writer and co-creator of a comedy that is scheduled to air on Fox. Owen Smith is the other co-creator and is the writer and executive producer, Variety has reported. 

The magazine reports that the show percolates with a lot of potential laughs and provocative premises. This is due to the fact that Hughley will play a working man who is the father of an LGBTQ+ daughter, an autistic son whose White girlfriend lives in the house, and another daughter who treats his credit card as if it’s her own. 

This is not Hughley’s first foray into the sitcom world. Hughley starred in “The Hughleys” in the late 1990s that was partially based on his family life at the time. The series initially aired on ABC in 1998 before switching to UPN and airing for four seasons. 

Hughley has also made guest appearances on many hit sitcoms, including “The Parkers,” “Scrubs,” “Sister, Sister,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

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