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D.L. Hughley says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should be expelled from Congress

Photo source: Twitter – @realdlhughley

D.L. Hughley has always had a strong political voice and recently spared no love for Georgia’s newly elected House of Representative member Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene, a 45 supporter, is one of the political leaders accused of encouraging the Capitol rioters on Jan. 6.

The comedian put the laughs aside as he told TMZ what actions should be taken against the QAnon conspiracy theory supporter.

“I think she should be banned,” said Hughley. “She should be pushed from Congress and never be allowed to hold office again. Listen, rappers are held responsible for the words they say. We’re constantly blaming rappers and video games for the violence in our country. We have people who have expressly used those kinds of words to incite a riot. They were looking around for people to murder.”

The King of Comedy alum had issues with her as well for supporting people and social media posts advocating the murder of Nancy Pelosi. “She’s advocating the leader of the House being murdered,” added D.L. “Now if she’s Bobby Shmurda, she’d be in jail. So I think ultimately she needs to be banned from Congress and whatever legal ramifications come from that.”

Hughley held no punches on 45 either and said it’s time people put more thought into who they send to Washington to represent them. From the bold lies to outright support of non-based conspiracy theories, D.L. said they all have to go.

He further commented, “The remedy is this. He should be impeached and face whatever legal consequences. They should be exposed and face whatever consequences. That’s just it. At a certain point, it shouldn’t be in their district’s hands anymore. You don’t get to send people to our Congress like this. These people have say in what happens in other people’s lives. Let them run for your mayor for whatever you got going on in your little bulls—t town. We don’t need you in The United States Congress advocating The Speaker of the House be killed and then she’s talking about impeaching the President based on some bulls–t.”

Watch D.L. be frank about Greene on the following page.

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