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NBA’s Patrick Beverly gets revenge on Russell Westbrook (video)

NBA's Patrick Beverly gets revenge on Russell Westbrook (video)
Russell Westbrook (Photo credit: / Tinseltown)

NBA journeyman Patrick Beverly still has the foul taste of embitterment on his tongue because he claims that rival Russell Westbrook “damaged” his career years ago by calling him a “trick” defender in 2019.

Beverley claims Russell’s words reverberated around the NBA and negatively impacted his image and future earning power.

“He damaged my career. Coaching staffs, players, fans, they looked at me way different,” Beverley said on Twitter and in his podcast.

Beverley, who has always been a polarizing player, believes there are still people who believe in that narrative, despite the fact that Beverly garnered All-Defense honors and lucrative contracts.

Beverly was able to exact his revenge on Westbrook, who is playing terribly for the Lakers this season, by mocking him with this tweet in February.

Beverly then elaborated on his stance on Westbrook during his appearance on J.J. Redick’s podcast, “The Old Man and the Three,” this weekend.

“I call that perfect timing, divine timing,” Beverley said, according to the Lakers Daily. “You know people looked at me differently? People around the NBA, coaches, players … like after that people were just taking the ball just going at me.

“I’m like, ‘What the f—?’ All because of what one person said, and that’s how the media is. If one person says one thing, that’s how they take it. And they take it just for that. People really looked at it like, ‘Yeah, maybe this motherf—er don’t play defense. The only thing he does is run around.’

“So, obviously, I had one bad game. ‘Oh Russ was right. I knew this motherf—–; the only thing he did is run around and stuff like that.’ You know, it’s no fun when the rabbit gots the gun now.”

Take a listen to Beverly’s words in full below:

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