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Viral entrepreneur, model Cynthia Gitonga, inherited hustle from her mother

Viral entrepreneur, model Cynthia Gitonga, inherited hustle from her mother
Model Cynthia Gitonga. (Photo credit: Rashawn Colton/Kandid Creative)

Cynthia Gitonga’s face is currently all over social media.

The Houston native who models, hosts red carpets and runs her own business, went viral while being filmed at an Everyday People event in New York. In a crowd of attendees going about their business, Gitonga shines through the crowd from across the party as she smiles while dancing.

“She is beautiful. Teeth, skin, bone structure – everything is giving what it’s supposed to give,” an Instagram comment on the video read.

Gitonga, and her mother Joy, recently sat with rolling out to discuss the viral moment, her mother’s impact on her life, and her business.

At what point did entrepreneurship come into play for you?

I always feel like I was a bit of a go-getter. Even when I was younger, everybody sold candy, so I would do that. Then, being able to control and make my own money has always been my thing. If somebody tells me “no,” I’ll figure out how to do it another way. I think that’s what every entrepreneur has in them. …  just wanting to be your own person, your own self-starter.

What are your business interests?

Of course, I work with Hello Beautiful, I do their red carpets.

I do voiceovers with BET right now, which is amazing, shoutout to BET and Viacom. My baby, my business is Push Sea Moss. I started Push about a year and a half ago. We sell sea moss gels [that] are in water … [and] we have herbs. My family’s from Jamaica. I’m half Jamaican, half Kenyan, and my father’s Kenyan, but my mom and my sister and my brothers were born in Jamaica. I wanted to utilize our resources to do better and that’s how I came up with Push. We’re the lifestyle healthy luxury sea moss brand.

One of the compliments you got in the viral video is how clear your skin is. What are three skincare tips you can give to Black people?

Drink water, get a lot of rest and sea moss gel. Eat it every morning and at night time. It really has those minerals that really do glow your skin up, and it’s great for your gut health, too. I’m dark, and of course, I’m shiny, but it just takes you to the next level so getting those nutrients as much as you want to put things on your face in your skin topically.

You can get that at Push?


Viral entrepreneur, model Cynthia Gitonga, inherited hustle from her mother
Model and entrepreneur Cynthia Gitonga and her mother Joy. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

How important is your mom to you?

Oh, my gosh! You’re going to make me cry. It’s been a very emotional day, my mom is everything to me. She is what I think about [and] who I want to make very proud. I love myself because I feel like there are things [in me that are] very much like her, and then I hate myself because I’m just like her.

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