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Comedian Kelly Kellz is ready to bring laughter to the soul

Comic is ready to make people laugh
Comedian Kelly Kellz is ready to bring laughter to the soul
Photo courtesy of Kelly Davis, aka Kelly Kellz

HBO’s “All Def Comedy” comedian, Kelly Kellz, has been living her dream of bringing laughter to the soul since 2009 after moving her family to New York to pursue comedy full time. Kellz has been around the world making people laugh, while also uplifting many young girls to help them unlock their potential.

When did you know that you could make people laugh?

It was as simple as in my classroom when I realized that I was the center of attention, but I never got in trouble. My teachers were so engaged and laughing at what I was doing, and even though it was a distraction, I never got in trouble. But I had to sit next to them. I was like, “Oh, am I being rewarded? Am I her personal joker?” My mom is extremely funny. My mom’s side of the family is funny. And then coincidentally, my dad’s family is funny as well, so I just have this funny gene, and I’ve been doing it since middle school, even in acting and theatre. I took it to high school, and then it transferred into college when I was at an HBCU, shout out to Central State University, where I was able to become this person of character, this person of boldness, and people were asking me to hosts all kinds of events. So, I would say that I was born into this.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about comedians?

One of the main misconceptions is that everyone can do it and that it’s easy. People think that if you’re funny with your cousins at a cookout, or if you’re funny at a barber shop, that’s going to translate on a stage. It’s the misconception that you don’t have to put in the work, and you do. This is a tool that you constantly have to sharpen, and it’s all about timing. You don’t get better unless you’re shooting in the gym and being on stage. One other misconception that I think is big is that stand-up comedian, and Facebook and Instagram communities, are two different worlds. They can collide when a person is willing to put in the work on either side. Just because you’re great at stand-up doesn’t mean that you can go and be a content creator, and just because you’re a content creator doesn’t mean that you’re going to be funny on stage.

What is your end goal in this career?

I just want to be that person that helps build character. I want people to say I’m the beacon, the icon of what they see when they think of greatness. I’m likable, lovable, and a monster at everything that I do, and I’m willing to share the wealth. The future isn’t promised, but doing this right now and giving this energy, that’s what my ultimate goal is.

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