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Tasha K forced to downsize to pay Cardi B after losing lawsuit

Earlier this year, the blogger was ordered by a federal court in Atlanta to pay Cardi B millions of dollars after being found guilty of slander against the famous rapper
Tasha K forced to downsize to pay Cardi B after losing lawsuit
Blogger and YouTuber Tash K (Image source: Instagram – @unwinewithtashak)

YouTube vlogger Tasha K is not getting much sympathy from the public after she lost her appeal in the Cardi B defamation lawsuit and is forced to pay her $4 million.

Tasha, born Latasha Kebe, was also ordered to remove Cardi B videos from her YouTube page.

The 40-year-old blogger filed legal documents with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in June 2022. But the appeal was summarily and not unexpectedly dismissed without jurisdiction. This gives Cardi B the freedom to sic her lawyers and the sheriff’s office on Tasha to garnish her wages and personal property to help satisfy the jury’s judgement.

Even before Tasha K lost her appeal, she was given a stern warning by another rapper, Iggy Azalea, that she had better learn this lesson lest she gets hauled back in court.

Worse for Tasha K, it was discovered by other bloggers that she put her plush home which was situated against a golf course, up for rent and has reportedly moved into an apartment.

When the judgement came down, fans rained criticism on Tasha K for not only scandalizing Cardi B and others, but also for refusing to remove the Cardi B videos from her YouTube page.

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