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Idris Elba shares what helps him get up on the right side of the bed

Actor discloses his grooming routine
Idris Elba shares what helps him get up on the right side of the bed
Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre attending The UK Ppemiere of YARDIE at BFI SOUTH BANK London on Aug. 21, 2018 (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Idris Elba showers “twice a day sometimes.”

The “Luther” actor has revealed he likes to keep fresh and clean 24/7 and is meticulous about keeping his facial hair in shape.

In a joint interview with his wife Sabrina Dhowre, with whom he launched the skin care brand S’Able Labs in 2020 for Allure spilled: “I will shave. I’m the guy who gets new growth by five o’clock in the afternoon, so I keep on top of it. And I shower every day, sometimes twice a day. I just got a fresh haircut, and honestly, my energy levels feel different. My clothes feel different.”

The 49-year-old star feels great after a haircut and swims early in the morning to jumpstart his daily vigor.

“A haircut does that for me. I’ve gotta make sure the hair looks right. Buying new sneakers definitely makes me feel good. There’s something about stepping in fresh shoes. And I started swimming early in the morning. It feels so alien to jump into cold water, but it’s invigorating,” Elba added.

The Molly’s Game star also loves hot yoga in a hot country.

“Also, hot yoga in a hot climate is different. It’s not hot yoga, it’s just yoga. Something about the elements being natural rather than having a heater. … Everyone’s sweating. But it’s the fact you’re warm and supple, and the environment is great,” he said.

Elba, who is also a DJ away from acting has incorporated in his and his wife’s self-care routine, music to promote their shine and captivating good looks. .

“We’re a partnership, and skincare is something we can share. We are both on the same page about feeling good externally and it helps us approach our day.”

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