Sustainability specialist Kindall Brantley shares the benefits of going green

Kendall Brantley is giving tips to help the environment
Sustainability specialist Kindall Brantley shares the benefits of going green
(Photo courtesy of Kindall Brantley)

Kindall Brantley is a sustainability specialist at AmplifiedAg, Inc. Brantley helps the business current with environmental regulations, tracking carbon emissions, monitoring water footprints, and implementing other environmental and social sustainability initiatives. 

Brantley spoke with rolling out to discuss climate change and the benefits of going green.

How does climate change affect our community?

The impacts of climate change affect us all. Severe weather events like floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes will occur more often with less predictability. Hot days will become hotter, especially in the Southeast. Changing weather patterns also affect the food supply, limiting the availability of certain crops.

What is being done now to save our environment?

Several policies are being passed through local and federal governments designed to limit further warming of our planet’s atmosphere. Companies are also getting involved, setting standards, and promoting responsible business practices. We can all take small measures that will add up to big change! Things like limiting food waste, reducing energy consumption, and opting for public transportation when possible are easy ways to live a more sustainable life. And as always, vote for representatives that align with your values.

What are the benefits of going green?

Opting for sustainable alternatives often costs less. Usually, there is an initial investment such as buying a reusable water bottle or a home energy monitor, but those things are designed to save resources and money over time. 

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