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Boosie gets pulled over again, performs for police (videos)

The cops got a free concert to start their day
Boosie gets pulled over again, performs for police (videos)
Boosie (Photo credit: / Jamie Lamor Thompson)

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Boosie, even when the police are involved. Recently, the rapper was pulled over by police and he decided to record the moment on his phone. What should’ve been a serious moment turned into Boosie doing what he’s good at, which is trolling people.

“They got me pulled over again so I’m finna perform a concert in front of the police,” Boosie said in his Instagram video. That’s when the rapper decided to perform one of his hit songs tofor the officer standing behind him.


“You wanna talk s—, you wanna run your mouth. You want some gangsta friends at your motherf—— house, we gone set this b—- off,” Boosie rapped.

Boosie continued to troll the officer and rapped another song.

“Narcotics, f— ’em. Feds, f— ’em. D.A., f— ’em, we don’t need you b—— on our street say it with me, f— the police, Boosie rapped. “Without that badge you a b—- and a half n—- f— the police.”

In the next video, Boosie decided to film the cop that was searching his car.

“Are we going to jail or not,” Boosie asked while flashing three bands of cash. “That’s the question. The money ready. This pocket change. This f—— pocket change.”

Boosie was recently pulled over in July and had a mouthful to say during that incident as well.

“I’m just tired, bruh,” Boosie said as the officer removed his handcuffs. “This is the second time in two weeks. If you let me go, just let me go. I’m going to file charges right now.”

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