UK singer Abisha discusses her new EP ‘Everything Falls Into Place’

The artist discusses her music career and upbringing

Abisha gets inspiration for her music from real-life romantic experiences. The London singer-songwriter recently stopped by rolling out to discuss her latest EP Everything Falls Into Place.

How do you feel about your latest project?

I’m so excited it’s finally out. It was such a fun EP to make, and it was all super positive and it was really an amazing experience. It was the first time I’d written a body of music that all came from a happy place. I wasn’t writing about heartbreak. I feel like a lot of the time, [it’s] the thing artists write about and it’s probably the easiest thing to write about, but because I was in a good space personally, I was about to write a body of music about that, which was really refreshing.

In one of the songs, you mention being so comfortable with your partner, you want to hear their deepest, darkest secrets. What is the deepest secret you’ve heard where you didn’t want to judge, but maybe it made you hesitate?

I don’t think I can say because I don’t want to spill anyone else’s tea, but I think just in general when you’re with someone and you start talking about their past and your past, things come up and you’re like, “I’m really glad I met you now.”

I mean, but it’s the same with everyone, especially dating in your 20s, hearing stories about people in their early 20s or when they were teenagers. Obviously, within that time, they grow and evolve. That is the time to make mistakes and unapologetically be living your best life.

What was that moment for you?

The first song I ever released was about a situation where I was dating someone and dating someone else at the same time … it ended up going horribly wrong. Obviously, I eventually had to pick which one I wanted to date more, but that kind of happened abruptly because one of them came into my workplace where the other was my co-worker, and they confronted the situation.

What was the racial reckoning of 2020 like for you as a Black woman who grew up mostly with the White side of her family?

I grew up in a small town called Devon, which is in the very south part of the country. Devon’s population is 90% White, so growing up, I had no Black or people of color around me in my school or in my family … [2020] brought up a lot of memories for me from my childhood that was probably examples of racism, but I didn’t know because I had no comparison. So I spoke out on a few of those things and had to be a voice for people around me to call out things when I saw them.

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