Why Black designer Nichole Lynel is popular

Nichole Lynel discusses how she manages her relationships along with operating a million dollar business
Nichole Lynel (Photo courtesy of Nichole Lynel LLC)

Nichole Lynel is the CEO, author, and fashion designer of Nichole Lynel The Label. Inspired by the fashion-forward women in her family, Lynel took it upon herself to create a unique lane of style for other women to partake in.

Lynel chats with rolling out to discuss her upcoming fall line of clothing and her favorite fashion brands.

How did you become a fashion guru and an influencer on social media?

I feel like I had no choice. I was born into fashion. I come from a family of fabulous women. I was raised by my grandmother and I grew up watching her put herself together. She was my superhero.  I noticed as she went into the world and put herself together, it was like she could do anything. That was my first fashion moment. When I was five, my cousin gave me a pair of Chanel paper dolls and that was further confirmation that fashion would be my niche. Unfortunately, my family and I grew up traditionally. They didn’t encourage careers that were not of a teacher, doctor, or lawyer. However, I started taking fashion seriously when I noticed that women would come to me for style advice in every job that I’ve had. In 2014, I launched an online boutique because being a fashion designer was always the end goal.

How are you able to find balance and peace in your world while maintaining your relationships?

OK, you guys want the truth?  I am fighting for my life. People always talk about balance, but there is no balance. I’m in a long-distance relationship and I have friends and family that I adore, but on my journey, I have had to make extreme sacrifices. I feel like nobody tells you that to be excellent and to grow, you are going to have to sacrifice a lot. Luckily, I have an amazing support system. I have built a network of people who make my life easier and rally behind me. I am in a relationship with someone who encourages me and pushes me toward my dream so they are my closest source of balance.

What can we expect from your brand’s collection this coming fall?

You can expect glam on the go. I’m gonna make sure the girls are fabulous. I am known for my denim and snowsuit collection and I’m currently launching a few more collections. I want the moments when you walk into the room, and people whisper who is that? I want people to walk up to you and ask you “Where did you get that?” I’m gonna make sure you are “that girl,” and that’s what these pieces are all about.  I’m working on bags.  I also have a fall collection that I’m doing for Nordstroms. There’s a whole bunch to come. I want to do it all honestly, especially when it comes to the fashion and beauty space.

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