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Areial Lomack created Twelve AM Co. to offer fabulous and fashionable footwear

Areial Lomack owner of Twelve AM Co. (Photo credit: Brian Parker, IG –

Twelve AM Co. is a shoe paradise for women who love beautiful footwear. The online shoe store was started in 2015 by Areial Lomack. Lomack is an Oakland, California, native and a graduate of San Francisco State University. She created her brand for women who desire to set themselves apart with fabulous shoes but don’t want to break the bank while doing so. We spoke with Lomack about her journey as a fashion designer.

What was your introduction to fashion?

I moved to Los Angeles, and I got thrown into an internship with a very great stylist. Once I started working for her, that’s really how I got my experience in the styling world. That’s what introduced me to all the bigger designers and brands and all that stuff. So I really got firsthand experience in the fast-paced fashion world.

What led you to design shoes?

I didn’t begin as a designer, I started off as a buyer. I would go to buy shoes wholesale and I still do. I just started to transition into the design [aspect]. It’s been a work in progress. I’ve been working on design for years with a teacher. I always like to say I’m a student of the game. I really took the time to really study my craft before I got into designing. I just launched a design of my own with a partner this year.

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