Areial Lomack created Twelve AM Co. to offer fabulous and fashionable footwear

Tell us about the styles that you sell at Twelve AM Co.

The bow shoe is my design in partnership with Nichole Lynel. The other two are a buy that I did. I select the buys and bring them to the store. I always get one-of-a-kind pieces in the store. We really wanted to create an over-the-top style that girls can slide on with jeans. We made it with a stiletto and a chunky heel. Whatever [kind of] girl you are, you can totally be that in this shoe. We didn’t want to exclude anyone from being able to buy this design. We really wanted to be super inclusive. 

What are the biggest adjustments that you’ve had to make as a business owner during the pandemic?

When COVID first hit, I kind of took a halt because with everyone staying in the house now, I questioned if girls were going to be wearing heels. I had to really pay attention to that. I dropped like a small launch, and the girls loved it. So I was still able to do what I do with my selections and they’ll buy it. I also adjusted and made some fluffy, comfy slippers that girls can wear inside and outside.

What are three essential skills for a designer and fashion entrepreneur?

I think being able to adapt to the times is very important. Knowing how to market yourself and speak to your audience [is very important]. Then also making sure that you’re getting like the right content to speak to your audience [is very important].

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