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Demetria Obilor responds to social media’s colorist claims on new Revolt show

Obilor describes the story of her rise

Demetria Obilor’s path to success in entertainment hosting and social media took a turn for the better, surprisingly when she made the best of a potentially bad situation.

In 2017, Obilor went viral after an upset viewer in Dallas criticized the attire she wore on air on a Facebook post. The viewers’ criticism was followed by a wave of support from social media users and complimented Obilor’s figure to the point she was given the name “#TrafficBae.” Her social-media following shot up from the criticism. Now, she’s one of four guests on Revolt‘s new “Black Girl Stuff,” where the roundtable of women share weekly opinions on hot topics.

Recently, Obilor spoke to rolling out about her career and latest ventures.

What’s going on with the new show over there at Revolt?

Revolt just launched an amazing new show.

I’m so happy to be a part of it. It’s called “Black Girl Stuff.” I’m joined by my other three co-hosts. It’s an amazing show where we talk about pink-collar topics. We get into the fun social media comments of the water cooler subjects.

One that got a lot of attention was getting flewed out. Should a man expect sex? But we also get very serious as well. We address issues of colorism that people accused us of on the show actually just recently, and that is very buzz-worthy.

People are talking about that.

So we get everything from pop culture to social issues. It’s definitely a show for everybody. I know the topic … the name of the show was called “Black Girl Stuff,” but really everyone can watch it. My almost 90-year-old White Grandma loves the show, so everybody should tune in to learn something for sure. You can watch it on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Revolt TV.

What do you want to tell younger people in the news industry regarding misconceptions about the path to your success?

I can only simply tell you my story, of Demetria Obilor’s student loan debt and how I worked hard to graduate early from school. I could just take you through my journey, and show you how difficult it’s been for me, and how difficult it still is. Even now, people look at my social media following and think, “Oh, she must be a millionaire. She’s got a million followers. She must be a millionaire.”

That’s not true. Right? I’m working to that level, and I’m not going to stop, but trust me, I’ve experienced so many roadblocks along my journey. If my story can inspire anyone – and I don’t want to get into the superficialness of it – I’m sure there are people who say, “Oh, well, maybe she’s lighter complexion. Well, it’s easy for girls who look like that,” and I understand that. There may be privilege along with that, but there are also wars of that as well that I can dive into. The weird, perverted people who have come to me trying to exploit me for sex in exchange for work. And that’s real, [but] that don’t work over here, though.

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