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Singer Michelle Williams is #teamcandycorn when it comes to Halloween treats

Michelle Williams pens a song dedicated to her love for candy corn.
Singer Michelle Williams is #teamcandycorn when it comes to Halloween treats
Michelle Williams (Photo credit: Drea Nicole)

There are some foods/desserts that people either love or hate and Brach’s candy corn is one of those divisive treats. Every year social media boasts memes with people casting their vote on if they love candy corn or if the confectionary treat is disgusting. Gospel artist and former Destiny’s child member, Michelle Williams is partnering with Brach’s and going hard to let fans know she is #teamcandycorn!

“I have a bittersweet love for the fall season. I was born in the midwest so I grew up going straight from summer to thinking about snow so that was the bitter part but for the short period of time we experienced fall, I  remember going to the apple orchards, the pumpkin patches and things like that. I love the beautiful colors of the season and the fact that the weather is beautiful. You start preparing for the holiday season and it’s all about the food and treats for the season. I love Halloween candy but candy corn was always my favorite,” the singer gushes.

Williams is fully aware that candy corn is one of those polarizing foods that people either love or hate. “It’s funny that this classic candy has such a strong fanbase, people either love it or hate it. I saw how people were going back and forth and thought it would be fun. My first recollection of the candy is my grandmother passing it for Halloween. My grandmother was an amazing cook and caterer and she would design wedding cakes for people so I believe my Grandmother knows her confections and she loved passing little packets of candy corn out for Halloween.”

Williams decided to pen a tune in honor of her favorite candy for the fall season. She created a song to share her love for candy corn in fun and in preparation of the upcoming holiday season. She wants people to be safe during the holiday season and warns parents to be as cautious as possible during the Halloween season. “I hope everyone finds a way to enjoy this season but remain safe, people are still getting sick so it’s important for us to keep using hand sanitizer and in some cases social distancing may be helpful.”

When asked what her favorite Halloween costume was growing up, she responds immediately, “My favorite Halloween costume? That’s easy. Janet Jackson, rthymn nation with the red lip. It was everything.”

You can see Michelle Williams singing her “candy corn” song here.

You can also join Michelle Williams, actor Christian Keyes and several influencers in a Brach’s candy corn sweepstakes here

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