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Melissa A. Mitchell splashes colorful creations on Foot Locker merch

Abeille Creations partner with Foot Lockers’s LEED initiative
Melissa A. Mitchell splashes colorful creations on Foot Locker merch
Melissa A. Mitchell (Photo credit: Ryan Coleman of LIFTO Images)

Melissa A. Mitchell, the founder of Abeille Creations, is setting the example of what it means to bring your ideas to fruition. Mitchell is an artist who leverages all media and puts her artistic stamp on home decor, accessories and apparel. In the process, her vibrant creations bring healing and even joy to consumers and patrons in all walks of life.

Recently, Mitchell launched a new collection via a multimillion-dollar partnership with Foot Locker’s LEED initiative. Rolling out spoke with Mitchell about the importance of the LEED initiative, why colors are important in her work, and her proudest professional achievements. 

What inspired you to launch Abeille Creations?

When I created the brand Abeille Creations, I was inspired by healing, legacy and expression. I wanted to create something that would motivate others to follow their destiny while sharing my own story. I took my passions for Black history, fashion, inspiration, technology and poured it all into my brand. I show consumers that you can truly have a better life when you simply decide to.

Talk about the work you are doing with Foot Locker via the LEED Initiative and why it’s impactful.

Working with Foot Locker via the LEED Initiative has been life-changing for [me and] my brand. Within a year’s time, I went from being a local brand to a global brand. I have been able to learn intricate business practices to scale my business and become a better brand overall. LEED has empowered me to take calculated risks, expand my business goals, and think outside of the box with each new collection.

What does being successful mean to you?

Being successful to me means waking up every day and doing what I am purposed to do. Whether that is painting a mural, speaking at conferences, or debuting a new collection with Foot Locker globally. I know that success is all about owning my time. The LEED program has taught me how to maximize my moments and manage my time wisely.

What do the bright colors and bold patterns that you use represent?

The use of bright colors and bold patterns are at the very foundation of ABL. Using this combination of energy represents freedom of expression, heritage, love of self, and courage. Each piece created is vibrant, memorable, and full of vigor. ABL’s ideal audience is those who live life to the fullest and don’t mind standing out in the crowd

What has been your biggest win?

My biggest win has been pulling up to Times Square with my family and looking up to see myself on a billboard. To witness my mom fill up with emotion, and mention how proud my dad would have been, is something that I will cherish forever. I started the year working a job I was afraid to leave, to being a full-time entrepreneur who [ultimately gets featured] on a billboard. Foot Locker provided that moment for me and so much more.

Learn more about Melissa A. Mitchell and Abeille Creations at the website:

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