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Rapper K Hill270 shares how he’s bringing the smoke to Kentucky

Artist says music is in his DNA
Rapper K Hill270 shares how he's bringing the smoke to Kentucky
K Hill270

K Hill270 is a Kentucky-based hip-hop artist. Since the age of 2, K Hill has shown his God-given talent in the church choir and in school. As time went on, K Hill started to embrace more of the hip-hop side of music and made his first mixtape. From there, that experience led him to make music his primary focus, and he released his debut album Red Pill.

What inspired you to get into music?

My father inspired me. He’s been in hip-hop his whole life, so being born through that, it’s always been in my DNA. I’ve been in choirs throughout my whole life and was raised listening to classical music. It’s always been a part of me, but I guess it’s just something about hip-hop that stuck with me. I was good at it.

What do you want listeners to take away when they hear your music?

Be yourself. I hope they can hear that I’m being myself as well as my full, authentic self. You already know what you want to do, and everybody wasn’t born perfect. It’s your path, and it’s other people that try and take you off your path and say, “Hey, do this.” If that’s not what you want to do, then it doesn’t matter. You’re essentially living a lie. I just want them to hear the music and have a good time, and understand that life is too short to be mad.

Artists like Jack Harlow, EST Gee, Bryson Tiller, and others come from Kentucky. What confidence does that give you to know you can be successful like them?

First off, it tells me that it’s possible. It lets me see where I can be and the impact that I can have on my hometown, the same way as they’re doing for Louisville with everything that they’re putting back into their community. I’m excited to be able to do that. Hopefully, then, people from Western Kentucky [can] see me do it and [say], “This is how he did it. Let me try it this way too and see if it works out.”

What do you think makes you stand out from other artists?

We’re trying to raise people up, I’m not about tearing people down. It’s all about love, man. People need to take a deep breath. Say you get into a frustrating situation, and somebody talks down on your name. People forget that we have the power to breathe and calm ourselves down, so I would say I’m different in that way. I’m kind of like a Black hippie. We’re pushing love and trying to let everybody have a good time. Like I said, life is too short to be mad all the time. That’s what [makes] me different. We’re bringing the smoke. We’ve got billboards coming, we’ll be on the radio and all over the nation. You’ll see me soon.

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