BriElle Bryson works to bridge the gap for underserved youth

Fearless leader making a difference in the community

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BriElle Bryson works to bridge the gap for underserved youth
Photo courtesy of BriElle Bryson

When it comes to helping with youth develop leadership skills and securing higher education opportunities, BriElle Bryson is the expert. She founded AROSE, a nonprofit organization that helps bridge the gap for underserved youth in trauma-prone communities, in 2019. AROSE has served over 1,600 youth thus far and awarded $60,000 in scholarships to students in Chicago, and Flint, Michigan.

Bryson is a graduate of HBCU Howard University and is a trailblazer i her field. Beyond the AROSE organization, Bryson is also a technology project delivery Leader for a private wealth management firm, William Blair & Company. She is passionate about being a resource for young people and those looking to excel in their professional careers.

What do you consider your superpowers to be as a Black woman?

I believe my superpowers [are] my work ethic, resilience and influence. I am someone who has always been able to pick myself up quickly, no matter what obstacle comes my way. I am fueled by adversity because I am not someone who will let life roll over me. I am someone who will fight back. I work extremely hard toward my goals and aspirations because I know you have to work to succeed, things won’t just be given to me. Lastly, I have the unique ability to motivate and spark action in others.

Why is it important for experienced Black women to reach back and help younger women of color?

Representation matters. We must reach back and pour into those coming after us. Often[times], younger women of color aren’t fortunate enough to have the same access, resources and opportunities as their other counterparts. We must lift one another up to continue making a mark as Black women in this world. The next generation needs our knowledge, experience and wisdom to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes. 

What thoughtful or encouraging advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to practice having more grace. Life is constantly changing, and not everything will go as planned. It is OK to pivot and try new things. It is OK not to have all the answers or know the next move. Younger BriElle is going to be just fine.

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