Dr. Q, the man behind GloRilla’s new smile, tells all about cosmetic dentistry

How the Memphian made dentistry relatable
Dr. Q, the man behind GloRilla's new smile, tells all about cosmetic dentistry
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Quodarrius Toney, DDS, best known as “Dr. Q” is a celebrity dentist and entrepreneur originally from Memphis, Tennessee. As a Howard University alumnus, he studied chemistry and sports medicine, and later also attended Howard’s dental school. He is now changing the dental industry in Atlanta.

When it comes to dentistry, people may feel insecure about their teeth, the possible discomfort of dental procedures or even have second thoughts about seeing a dentist at all. Dr. Q makes it his duty to make dentistry relatable to everyone and readily shares the real facts about cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Q joined rolling out to offer dental tips for the orally challenged.

Did you know you always wanted to be a dentist?

I knew I wanted to be a health care provider and I told my mom,”hey mom I think I want to be a doctor.” I think being in service is something that I knew I wanted to do. All doctors, a lot of us shadow different doctors just to see what we like and what we don’t like and what we kind of like or whatever the case may be. Dentistry ended up being the one where I was like “oh, this is dope.” I think the one thing is, how can I also enjoy being an entrepreneur and [not] necessarily have to be in a hospital? Dentistry was amazing and it was the best thing for me.

What cosmetic procedures do you provide, and which are requested the most?

We deal with aesthetics, anything from the neck above which will enhance a patient’s or person’s overall aesthetic. But there are different things like periodontists, pedodontists, endodontists, and oral surgery which is a different array of dentistry. What I would tell a person looking to get into dentistry is that cosmetic may not be your route, but there are so many different places where you can serve in any capacity to be a dentist.

Is it true veneers aren’t safe? 

I always get this [question] when people ask how much I charge, and I tell them that every patient is different. Individualized treatment is a thing where patient A and patient B are not the same people, and we have to address them in different ways. I encourage people who are looking to get veneers to stay in the States because you want to be able to contact your doctor if something were to happen to your veneers.

Can you tell us about your experience working with GloRilla?

Big Glo … that’s my girl. We have a great relationship, and I believe the great thing about dentistry is creating relationships. I don’t know if you know your dentist, but [some people] know [their] dentist for like years on end, like a family type of dentist. I feel like we have that type of relationship. Her transformation was phenomenal, and publicly I thank GloRilla for trusting me with her smile, as someone being from her hometown.

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