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For 1st time, Goodie Mob brings ‘Soul Food’ to an Atlanta Hawks game

The legendary hip-hop group made their NBA debut to cap off Thanksgiving weekend
For 1st time, Goodie Mob brings 'Soul Food' to an Atlanta Hawks game
Goodie Mob performs at the Atlanta Hawks game on Nov. 27. (Photo courtesy of @ATLHawks/Atlanta Hawks)

The Atlanta Hawks received a heaping helping of soul food to conclude the Thanksgiving weekend celebration. The historic southern hip-hop group Goodie Mob performed at the Hawks game against the Miami Heat on Nov. 27. Group members CeeLo Green, Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp blazed the State Farm Arena crowd with a medley of classics performed, and briefly met with the local media before going on the court.

For 1st time, Goodie Mob brings 'Soul Food' to an Atlanta Hawks game
Goodie Mob with Melissa Proctor, Atlanta Hawks Chief Marketing Officer, Harry The Hawk and Hawks’ legend Dominique Wilkins pose for a picture. (Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Hawks)

Many fans have wondered when Goodie Mob was going to perform at an Atlanta Hawks game. How does it feel to get the chance to perform for the home crowd now?

T-Mo: Finally. Thank you. I’m so happy to get this opportunity to get this opportunity to get down for the A Town that’s our city – born and bred. These three horses you see right here straight up from Atlanta. We finally get our opportunity to come out here and shine for y’all and we’re very appreciative, thankful. We’re about to go out here and turn up, A-Town.

For 1st time, Goodie Mob brings 'Soul Food' to an Atlanta Hawks game
CeeLo Green performs at the Atlanta Hawks game. (Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Hawks)

What are you all working on solo and collectively?

Khujo: I just dropped two singles. “Hold On” and “Digital Poison.” That’s for the fans because coming out of my house, fans always asked me what’s next man with a good amount of doing what are you guys doing? So y’all pick up our new album we dropped in 2020 called Survival Kit. You got to add that to your collection because that’s going to close the gap.

Big Gipp: New music. I got a new song called “I Ain’t Worried” on a TV show called “Blood and Water,” it’s on Netflix right now. It’s No. 5 in the country. I also have a new EP coming out with a producer named James Worthy. Me and him put together an EP, that’s going to be coming out. I got Big Gipp Goodies, the CBD, we’re expanding, we’re into different things.

T-Mo: My first single from my new project is called “Top of the Ayea.” So go check it out right now on all streaming platforms, it’s doing well. As the climate changes and gets worse. It just shows us that the good are out here dying, mostly over b——- every day. You don’t have to keep saying it, just cut on the news and you’ll see. Well, I just followed a single up with this record I got called “We Got To Do Something.” I feel this one is supposed to be proactive for music right now. Nobody is trying to be proactive, so I’m going to use my little five minutes and platform to try to embrace and love what’s out there. Embrace the community, show some love, unity in the music and inspire somebody who wants to hear T-Mo Goodie.

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