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6 signs your partner is a keeper

Finding ‘the one’ is special, here are some signals that you’ve made the right choice
6 signs your partner is a keeper
Michelle and Barack Obama (Photo source: Instagram –@michelleobama)

Forming a healthy romantic relationship requires patience, vulnerability and effective communication. In a technically savvy world, building meaningful connections takes work outside of our cellphones. Both men and women express socially the need to make sure their mate is who they say they are, and some signs can validate if a person is legit. Want an idea of signals to look out for? Here are six signs that your partner may be a keeper.

Genuine interest: They show genuine interest in you. Email or private direct messages are easy to send. But how will you realize compatibility is worth pursuing? Numerous qualities stand out after spending some quality time with the person. Do they make you laugh? Are simple tasks like going to the grocery store better when they’re around?

Productive disagreements:  It’s one thing to agree to disagree, but it’s another when you can leave those disagreements with a better understanding of the person you’re dating. Both parties should feel seen, heard, respected, and valued. Someone who is a keeper can reach any resolution comfortably and respectfully.

Trust: Is it easy to assume your partner always has good intentions? If so, this is a good sign that you cantrust them and can be vulnerable. Also, if your partner does a good job at keeping their promises and commitments, they’re a keeper for sure.

They hold you accountable: If your partner doesn’t let you get away with things, they are likely great accountability partners. We all want someone with whom we can grow and learn from mistakes and who cares for us and will always hold us accountable.

Difficult moments are more tolerable because of them: There’s nothing like having a spouse who knows all the right things to do to make you feel like yourself again. Job loss, death in the family, and any significant life changes can cause strain on a relationship. If you can make it through tough times with someone, you may have found your lifetime partner.

All the love songs start making sense: Everyone has a unique love story, and music is a beautiful way to tell it. Don’t be surprised by the tingly feeling you get when you hear a song about being in love.

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