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4 Gen Z women discuss their perspective on dating older men

The rumors were true, Pretty Vee confirms her relationship with Rick Ross
4 Gen Z women discuss their perspective on dating older men
Pretty Vee of “What’s Coooking? Atlanta?” (Photo by Terry Shropshire for rolling out)

Pretty Vee, 31, recently confirmed her relationship with Rick Ross, 46, and it is clear that they are years apart. Pretty Vee is considered a young millennial and Rick Ross falls in the middle of Gen X.

Although it is not uncommon for younger women to date older men, Pretty Vee shared what she finds most attractive about dating an older man on Revolt’s show, “Black Girl Stuff.”

In light of this recent news, rolling out talked to four Generation Z women to get their perspectives on dating older men.

They usually are financially stable

Samara, 23

“Nowadays, I don’t think dating older men is about thinking they’re more mature. I think a lot of women just like more experienced and seasoned men. Depending on who you choose, him being financially stable prevents a lot of headaches.”

Older men are more direct

Shavonne Lewis, 22

“I think that dating older men is subjective to your situation. I think that a lot of women, at least in my age group, enjoy the security and directness a seasoned man can bring. Some younger men are still invested in the chase or being showered with women. Older men are [usually] past that.”

He can support my wants and needs

Maia Foster, 25

“A lot of women are in search of stability and emotional security, which is why they could prefer to date older men. The hope is that older men have a greater sense of wisdom, maturity, and experience. They can learn and support a woman’s wants and needs. Despite the negative stereotypes surrounding age gap relationships, it is important to be mindful of how we might perceive others who make the best decisions for their life.”

It depends on the man

Shemia, 24

“Dating older men can sometimes be a challenge. I honestly think it doesn’t matter about the age, it simply depends on the man. Such as who raised him or the situations he’s endured. A lot of times I’ve felt that if the man is older he is more mature, but I’ve found that’s not always the case. I have met younger men that have shown me things a grown man has never shown. I’ve also met older men who act like little boys and vice versa. It is possible to meet an older guy and experience what Pretty Vee is currently experiencing but it also just depends on the luck of the draw … [and] the type of woman you present yourself to be.”

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