Rap Snacks co-CEOs remember Takeoff and reflect on hip-hop’s 50th birthday

Master P and James Lindsay spoke about the genre’s impact and evolution during a panel in Miami

Rap Snacks is an example of how beautifully hip-hop has aged. The genre that turns 50 in 2023 is seeing the first generation of many of its early stars become older people expanding on what hip-hop is.

Rap Snacks CEOs James Lindsay and Master P are two businessmen who built their individual brands by hand-delivering their products, whether it be music or snacks, across the country.

Master P spoke on a panel in Miami on Jan. 12 about building generational wealth alongside Romeo, Coach K and E40.

Recently, James Lindsay and P talked to rolling out about the genre turning 50, shared memories of Migos member Takeoff, and recalled one of Rap Snacks’ first viral moments.

When you hear hip-hop is turning 50, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Master P: For me, we’re changing, we’re growing. People thought that hip-hop was only going to be around for 3 to 5 years. If you look at rap when it first came out, that’s what they were stereotyping us for. But … we are creating businesses and brands.

We got the “No Limit” TV series about to come out like the “BMF,” so I mean, we are growing. We’re getting into so many different things and to be able to be a part of Rap Snacks and putting a brand that comes from music, comes from the culture and showing people as we get older, we’re growing, and we’re taking hip-hop to business.

What I look at when I look at rap for 50 years, we’re a business now. We are the culture. Other companies look at us to promote their products and brands, which goes to show you how important we are to the world, and not just the culture. You look at Snoop Dogg on every TV commercial now, you wouldn’t have seen that 20 years ago. Look at what we’re doing: being able to put Snoop on a bag, to put Nicki Minaj on a bag. This is hip-hop.

James Lindsay: I look at hip-hop as live and [in] living color. I hear people say things like “those guys are doing a lot of negative things,” but hip-hop is about trials and tribulations. It gave us a voice. It collectively brought all races and creeds together.

In 2016, Mr HotSpot went viral taste-testing the Migos’ dab of ranch Rap Snacks, and the group used the moment to make a jingle from it. Remembering Takeoff, what did that moment mean to you all?

James Lindsay: If you think of the resurgence of Rap Snacks, the Migos and the Dab of Ranch was definitely something very important to our growth. If you think about it, they said to get yourself a bag of Rap Snacks, and that was the first viral moment.

Master P: My condolences to Takeoff. Very talented brother. The Migos, what they did in 2017, definitely put a spotlight on Rap Snacks. I tell people all the time, we’ve been working and growing for years, but that was the time we got a spotlight on the bags.

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