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Goldiata Creative founder Brian Taylor shares tips for marketing a business

The former Division I athlete is a digital marketing guru

Brian Taylor is the founder and chief strategy officer of Goldiata Creative. The digital marketing entrepreneur helps clients reach their goals by using creativity, skill, and an acute ability to not just see possibilities but to take action to create profitable realities.

Tell us about Goldiata Creative.

We’re a digital marketing agency here in Baltimore and we specialize in ads that are just following people all around the internet. We run those advertisements that are following you around on social media and really trying to help organizations and businesses increase their following and help them grow revenue, donations, and other things.

What do you think businesses are missing when it comes to advertising?

There are two real opportunities. There’s one that I think applies to all businesses but then I think there’s another one that applies to Black-owned, Brown-owned, and women-owned businesses. The one that’s kind of universal is we often forget that when we write our content or we make our website or materials, we make it for ourselves most of the time. … I think that one of the main things when starting any business, [is] realizing [it’s important] to speak from the voice of the person who’s going to be purchasing your product or services. I think for Black-owned, Brown-owned, and woman-owned businesses, one interesting thing that’s happened in recent years is there are a lot more people actively looking to find this. There are a lot of people searching for Black-owned plumbers, landscapers, marketing agencies, etc. I think leaning into that when it comes to your digital presence will help more consumers find you.

What advice do you have for someone who’s starting a business?

I’d say starting with a mindset of perseverance is the best place because, realistically, when you start a company, you don’t know any of the answers to anything. So you have a guess about what you want to provide, you have a guess about who your audience may be, or who your customer may be. The reality is we really don’t know until we start going. I would say the mindset of diving into the deep end and then learning how to swim is a great approach. I think the tactics about whether you’re on Instagram or TikTok, or whatever that may be, it’s kind of after that fact that if you start pushing in a direction, some of those answers will start to reveal themselves.

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