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Kodak Black’s artist claims Latto is not a ‘girl’s girl’

Kodak Black's artist claims Latto is not a 'girl's girl'
Image source: Instagram – @latto777

Latto‘s recent Billboard Women in Music interview caused an uproar on social media after she claimed to not charge up-and-coming women in rap for features. She further explained to Billboard that is the one thing she stands by as she moves throughout her career.

“My No. 1 thing has been being a girl’s girl. I utilize my power in uplifting others on my way up,” Latto shares with Billboard.

Although shortly after the comment circulated, Kodak Black’s artist Vvsnce shared a video on her Instagram story stating otherwise.

“Okay, y’all so I see everybody keeps tagging me in this s— or whatever with ol’ girl and all that s— right? About the love s— with female artists. My personal experience and the reason why all that s— was going on with her and Black was because she didn’t want to do a song with a female artist. Not that I give a f—, because I never gave a f— about doing a feature with nobody. Black wanted me to do a song with her. Black was like ‘I don’t want to do a song with you, you can do a song with my female artist.’ She was like, ‘okay I’m going to do my homework on her and get back at you.’ When she got back with him, she was like, ‘I don’t want to do a song with her.’ That’s cool, you don’t have to do a song with me I don’t care about the song anyways. My thing is don’t get on Instagram acting like you’re all in for the girls when you’re not. That s— is weird,” Vvsnce said.

Vvsnce later shared screenshots of the conversation between her and Latto where it becomes apparent that she may not have known the entire story. Social media users chimed in on the conversation.

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