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DDG artist Baby Rich is ready to add to Birmingham music scene

The up-and-coming emcee opened up about his journey

Baby Rich is preparing himself for a moment. The premier artist for DDG is everywhere the star rapper and online personality is — whether that be at fashion shows, popular live streams, industry parties, networking events, club appearances or even his own concerts.

The Birmingham, Alabama, emcee creates a diverse, modern sound with clever punchlines filled with humorous references. His live set featured an unreleased song titled “Coco Jones,” an entire song dedicated to proclaiming his celebrity crush on Coco Jones to the world.

Baby Rich spoke to rolling out about his career and his Birmingham roots.

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What is it like being an artist from Birmingham?

It’s a process right now. It’s moving, we have motion. It’s lit. Someone from Birmingham, Alabama, moved to L.A., performing at Rolling Loud, and going on tour with Kevin Gates. It’s going well so far.

What is your relationship with DDG like?

Well, to tell the truth, I just got signed to him [in 2021]. I’ve been knowing him for about three, or four years now. We’ve been locked in, that’s like my brother.

Birmingham also has Flo Milli among other artists. How do you like being a part of the new wave of artists putting on for the city?

I’m just trying to make my people proud, and everyone else who rocks with me, rocks with me. I don’t think my mindset is trying to put Birmingham on the map, I think it’s just more of “I’m doing what I’m doing,” and whoever’s proud of me is proud of me. If it comes with that title, then cool.

What is your relationship like with Slimeball MK?

We did a video one time before, but he’s doing his thing. He’s doing his thing; I’m doing my thing. No love lost.

What is the collaboration culture like among creatives in Birmingham?

Right now, I live in L.A., so I don’t really know. I might do features for artists in the city if they hit me up and I like it, but right now, I haven’t really been doing too much [collaborating]. I’ve been mostly focused on still getting to the next level myself. I don’t even feel like I’m at the point where I’m [lifting others yet], I’m still trying to build up my name.

What do you consider being established as an artist?

When I’m throwing my own show and I’m headlining like [DDG]. Where people come out, lined up just like this.

What advice would you give an aspiring artist who wants to be signed?

Don’t go looking for it. Just keep doing your thing, and good dope is going to sell itself. If you have good music, people will reach out to you. They’re going to want to find you. So yeah, just keep going. Keep putting your music out and just keep working.

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