Saucy Santana shares why he keeps his relationship off the internet

His current relationship status with Zell Swagg is; ‘we just cool’
Saucy Santana shares why he keeps his relationship off the internet
Saucy Santana (Image source: Instagram – @the1saucysantana)

On March 7., Saucy Santana appeared as a guest on Revolt TV’s second season of “Black Girl Stuff.” The “Walk” rapper was interviewed by Brii Renee, Tori Hughes, and the newest co-hosts Britt Hall and Kennedy Rue. The discussion covered a number of topics such as his career, self-love, as well as relationships.

After Santana was spotted with Zell Swag on multiple occasions, fans assumed the two were a couple after a romantic evening was posted on his Instagram story for Valentine’s Day. Yet, people were confused after Santana posted a relationship status update on his Twitter.

The hosts asked pointed questions, but Santana kept his answers brief and to the point without revealing too much.

“With me and him, we just cool. It gets cute, but you know I’m still like ‘eh’. Nothing is confirmed, he’s cool and I’m cool. That’s what I’m saying. One thing about the internet now, they [are going to] take something and they going to be like this is what it is. Now y’all getting me in trouble because y’all don’t know if I have something else invested,” Santana said.

The rapper seems to not care what the internet says about him or the narrative they create, but according to him we don’t know what he has going on in his love life, and he wants to keep it that way.

Fans had mixed feelings about the viral video.

Previous co-hosts Akilah Ffriend and Demetria Obilor will not return this season on “Black Girl Stuff,” but Ffriend now has a podcast on Revolt TV called “Monuments to Me.”

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