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Black-owned tattoo shops in Atlanta share what couples request the most and why

The type of tattoo and symbolism varies per couple
Black-owned tattoo shops in Atlanta share what couples request the most and why
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Couples get tattoos together for multiple reasons. It can be to solidify a bond, celebrate a milestone together, a shared experience, or even show your loyalty. Some couple tattoos can vary from symbols to matching pictures. All in all, the symbolic meaning of these tattoos is usually kept between the couples.

According to these Black-owned tattoo shops in Atlanta, other trends are going on right now that are repeatedly requested.

Puzzle piece tattoos are the most requested

“Honestly, it depends on the racial background. When it comes to the city of Atlanta there are mostly Black people, but we usually have men who request king crowns and women who request queen tiaras. There’s not a particular tattoo though, but more of a style. The couple tattoos I see most often are the puzzle piece tattoo. It’s when one-half of a tattoo starts on one person and is finished on the other. It can even be pictures that are not a perfect match, but complete each other.” –Christian, Atlanta Ink

Branding is something we see often 

“What we see currently trending are names, initials, and branding. I remember one couple who got the word ‘property’ tattooed below their belt area.” –Khem, Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing Atlanta

Private parts are not off limits

“It’s really at random, to be honest. We have had people request kings and queens or hearts with initials, but it’s usually something they’ve experienced. We also get names requested often. We might get a request to do a name on their butt or something like that.” –Billionaire Inkk, Emotionz Tattoo Studio

Animals that symbolize royalty

“The tattoos we see the most are dates on wedding fingers, lions and lionesses, and also names.” –Chad, Live Love Tattoos Atlanta

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