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Holistic coach and vegan cook Farasha G creates herbal remedies to heal others

Herbs are an all-natural and powerful way to heal your body
Holistic coach and vegan cook Farasha G creates herbal remedies to heal others
Photo courtesy of Farasha G

Women’s History Month recognizes women who are making an impact in their communities.

 What led you down this path of wellness and healing?

Greetings my name is Farasha G. I’m a mother of three young beautiful kings, a holistic wellness coach, aromatherapist, sacred woman, intuitive healer, inspirational coach, achemist, vegan cook, and herbalist. I grew up in a Rastafarian household. I grew up learning how to make different herbal teas for different remedies, and different vegetarian and vegan meals. I decided to go vegan in 2021 after having complications with my last two pregnancies. The plant-based lifestyle was very easy for my family to adopt. Over the course of the years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping friends, family, children, single parents and anyone who is willing to change their lifestyle to a healthy living lifestyle.

How important is it for Black women to have a voice in the holistic and wellness industry? 

As a Black holistic and wellness coach it’s important to me to have more of us in this industry to help those that don’t have a voice. In addition, it will help expand our community. It will also give everyone a place to feel safe to express themselves, to get the proper care we need for our community.

What are some challenges you face as a Black woman in this space?

As a Black woman, I faced a lot of challenges. One of my challenges was being vulnerable with others. I started to overcome that fear when I went through the sacred women program and saw there were other women in our community who went through struggles, which allowed me to openly share.

What are some of the main issues facing people of color and Black women particularly?

Some of the main issues we face in our community, especially Black women is our health. We are always too busy helping others over ourselves, this is why I feel as though bringing holistic health and wellness to our community is very important. Holistic health and wellness bring us to a space where we can freely share our journey. My goal is for our community to grow, see more homeschooling, more Black farmers, more activities for our children, and more unity.

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