Courtney Chester avoids a hysterectomy by turning to nature

Doctors often prescribe surgeries or other invasive procedures to remedy women’s womb issues, when utilizing our natural resources does the job just fine
Courtney Chester avoids a hysterectomy by turning to nature
Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Chester III

Courtney Chester is a licensed professional counselor and a certified holistic practitioner whose medical condition led her down the path of wellness. Rolling out had the opportunity to discuss her reproductive issues and how she healed herself.

Can you share a bit of your journey?

This lifework started at the age of 27, when I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, an issue within the womb, and was given only two options: birth control or a hysterectomy. This was not an acceptable solution, so I looked to nature. Learning under some of the best holistic teachers, I delved into holistic studies and changed my life. I learned the gift of listening to our bodies and using plant medicine, and am now completely symptom-free. This led me on a mission to help others experience similar benefits. This also led me to create my business, Life Liquids LLC. My goal is to enrich and lengthen the lives of as many individuals as I can through both nutritional and mental wellness.

Can you provide specific examples of individuals who have benefited from your work?

I provide holistic health consultations and lead detoxes, not the kinds that are fads, but the kinds that introduce lifestyle and practical things we can do to help our bodies function better.

What are some of the main issues facing people of color and black women particularly?

Unfortunately, women of color face many issues, especially concerning health. We are leading the race in many disparities, such as maternal mortality, breast cancer, heart disease, and mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. It is important to note that these health disparities are the result of systemic racism and structural inequalities in healthcare and society, and addressing them requires us to really take our power back on the things we do have control over, such as what we allow into our homes and into our bodies.

What does women’s empowerment mean to you?

Women’s empowerment means when my sister wins, I win, and vice versa. We are all reflections of one another and the goal is for us all to kill it!

What are some things that you think women can/should do in order to uplift the Black community?

Love each other deeply, be kind, and represent the strength and beauty of who we really are, not who the system has tried to portray and deconstruct.

How does it feel being a Black woman at this moment in time?

It feels pretty d— good. I love us and I am grateful for our stories and boldness!

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