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MARIAH. intertwines faith, love and understanding in her music

The R&;B singer broke down the balance of it all

MARIAH. never wants to forget her roots. While the R&B singer may dive into the secular music world of relationship topics, everything she creates is rooted in her love for Christ.

In the singer-songwriter’s latest single “Maybe,” she highlights the struggle of a potential love interest not giving a solid answer to where the two parties stand. Later in spring 2023, MARIAH. is scheduled to release her debut EP.

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Recently, MARIAH. spoke with rolling out about her career, faith and how the parts of her life intertwine to create one masterpiece.

Did you write “Maybe,” if so, what was your connection to the message of the single?

I tend to write from a perspective of a shared or lived experience. So God is giving me the ability to write from things I have gone through in my life, and hopefully, with people listening to this particular piece, they find their own answers and what they need to proceed forward.

This song is about something I’ve gone through in my life, and I’m sure other people have gone through it. I actually wrote this piece by myself, with the help of the Lord. It’s a testament to not wanting to be so [desperate] to be in a relationship because I was already whole before I entered into the relationship. It’s really just a realm of, “I want to be transparent. I really want to know where we’re going and what’s going to happen.”

Sometimes, we live in a great space because we’re comfortable with not knowing because we’re scared of the yes, or we’re scared of the no. This particular piece is talking about, if we decide to move forward or go our separate ways, I am at peace with that. And I’m OK with that.

What has the timeline of learning to love yourself looked like?

The Bible says his mercies are new every morning. With new mercies is a new relationship each day. So this is something that is consistently ongoing. It’s not something you have to pick up, and then you put down, and then you decide within a few years I’m going to pick this up and have a relationship. This is a day-to-day affair, and it’s all about sometimes just being quiet. Sitting in the backseat and really listening to what the Lord wants you to do, and how he wants to guide you. This journey of self-love has been a beautiful, yet tumultuous one. I will say that because there are so many different pressures in life. Whether it be social media, trying to have a certain type of appeal, and anything you do, whether it’s music, medicine, or teaching, whatever you decide to do. There’s always stressors that accompany that. Developing a relationship with the Lord and letting him pour back into you is something that you have to do daily.

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