LA comedian Malik B appreciates Black women and mothers

The entertainer tells hilarious story of going to Michael B. Jordan’s house

Malik B understands the value of the journey. The comedian has been chasing his dreams for years in Los Angeles, the area where he grew up.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, B spoke to rolling out about his career, L.A. and his appreciation of Black mothers and women.

What is your message for Black moms and Black women, in general, this Mother’s Day?

We don’t need a holiday to appreciate Black mothers. It should be every day, 365.

I feel like I understand how hard it is to be a Black woman. I have three sisters. I have a niece. I don’t have any brothers. I have a mom. So I see how it’s a lot to be in society as a Black woman. It’s very beautiful, so I’m very appreciative. They are hard-working women. I have a shirt called “Hire Black Women” that I wear because these women work hard. It’s their day, we’ve got to give it up to them. It should be every day, but they’re beautiful. There’s nothing on Earth like a Black woman.

Yeah, let’s just get that out of the way. There’s nothing on Earth like a Black woman. You could take all of the women, put them together, and they’re still not equal to a Black woman, so I understand what they go through.

We can’t live without them.

I’m very appreciative. Y’all are hard-working. Even if you don’t get a gift, just know we appreciate you all. You deserve all the love and flowers on May 14.

What is it like coming up in the industry in L.A. around a bunch of other successful people?

I’ll tell you a story right now.

I was going to Michael B. Jordan’s house. This is when he was fresh off of Fantastic Four, he was getting ready for Creed, the first one.

He invited me up to his crib, and you have to go up through all of these hills. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live there anymore, but you have to go up through all of these hills. It’s a big a– house, so you have to go through a garage. He has an old-school car and he has I think a Benz at the time.

You go through there, and then he has these electric blinds. I’ve never seen electric blinds in person. So he goes, “Alright, let me roll these up.” He rolled them up, and it’s a big a– swimming pool. Now, I’ve seen swimming pools, but at night? The color is beautiful. Then, you look outside and it’s the city of L.A. at the bottom.

I was like, “Hey, bro, I don’t want to leave. I don’t know why you brought me over here, I want to be your friend.” And then, I never went to his house again … I think I stayed for like 45 minutes and then he was like, “Alright, bro. Let me know if you need anything.” I was like, “Yeah. A pillow, or something.”

I had to go all the way back to Hawthorne, [California], which is like an hour away.

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