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The valuable skills Tabitha Brown picked up working at UPS

The social media personality-turned-brand ambassador and author opened up about full-circle moment

Tabitha Brown never forgot where she came from. The social media personality, TV show host, author and entrepreneur once worked at UPS, and was recently at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, UPS is a main sponsor for the event.

At the festival, Brown and her husband Chance spoke to rolling out about what the journey has been since her days of working at the company.

You started your career as a UPS employee, right?

Tabitha: Yes.

What were some key lessons you learned during your time at UPS that helped shape your success in the entertainment industry?

Tabitha: You know what’s so crazy, we talk about this all the time, we worked at the call center, the UPS call center. The things we learned there, I still applied to my life today.

In every job I’ve ever had after bed, whether it was in entertainment, or a nine to five, it always, I will always refer back to what I learned there: Structure, quality, very few mistakes. It was real-detailed training. Also, in running my own business, like we’ve done this recipe, I know how to shelve it, and I know all about shipping and logistics, all of that I learned there over 20-plus years ago. So I still use it every day. I love it.

What strategies do you recommend for individuals and corporations to actively contribute to diversity and inclusion and create meaningful change?

Tabitha: When it comes to small businesses, it has to be more than just one time a year because I feel like a lot of times, we’re like “Oh, it’s Small Business Month,” or, “Women’s History Month,” or, “Black History Month” and they decide that month or that time of year, they’ll shine a light, but it should be an ongoing thing. It shouldn’t just be one time. Also, incorporate it into your marketing. We’d like to see it.

Chance: I would just piggyback and say intention. Be intentional about it, instead of just making it a moment.

Chance, as Tabitha’s husband and partner, what do you do to support her endeavors?

Chance: I am intentional. My wife has a lot of things going on, so I try to be easygoing. Supportive, keep an open mind and be vocal. Making sure we communicate, which is the easiest thing between a couple. The easiest way to support somebody is to be able to communicate and say, “Hey, listen. This is what I need from you. What do you need for me to be?”

What makes your relationship work?

Tabitha: When the work is the bonus. It’s us first. Our marriage, our friendship, our partnership, that’s the real thing. The work is like, “Oh, God has blessed us to be able to work together.” That’s a bonus, but that’s not the concern.

We have to make sure that we’re OK first. Me, first, him, first, as himself as a man.

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