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DJ Envy and wife detail how Tyrese disrespected her, but he denies it (videos)

Tyrese trashes DJ Envy as a liar for alleging that he disrespectfully flirted with his wife
DJ Envy to Headline HBCU NY afterparty
DJ Envy (Photo source Instagram – @djenvy)

Tyrese is firing back at the incendiary accusations that DJ Envy pulled back from the singer because Tyrese disrespected his wife.

Envy, 46, the co-host of the nationally syndicated morning show “The Breakfast Club,” ambushed Tyrese, 44, last week with the news that he and his spouse felt it necessary to distance themselves from the “How You Gonna Act Like That” crooner.

Several years ago, according to Envy, Tyrese was in the throes of a dangerous depression and was taking “psych meds.” During this time frame, Envy accused Tyrese of “disrespecting” his wife, Gia Casey.

Tyrese vehemently denies those accusations by calling Envy a liar and saying it was all “bull—-,” and even went so far as to excavate old and new text receipts to try to prove that Envy’s wife never renounced their friendship.

“I’ve lost a little sleep since I’ve been home about a man accusing me of disrespecting his wife, as he said,” Tyrese told his 18 million Instagram followers. “Charlamagne saying, ‘What did he say?’ I was wondering too. What did I say? So of course, you know, the beautiful thing about the iMessage, the iCloud, [is] it gives you an opportunity to recall text messages. I don’t see nothing in the text messages directly to Envy or directly to his wife where I disrespected him or her.”

YouTube video

Envy, who was born in New York under the name RaaShaun Casey, has subsequently revisited the subject on the radio show. He even called his wife on the show to corroborate her husband’s accusations against Tyrese.

Casey validated her husband although she was reticent about divulging details. She did mention that Tyrese allegedly said things to her that were “uncomfortable and inappropriate” and that “lines were being crossed.”

YouTube video

“Well we stopped talking to Tyrese on two different occasions,” Casey said on Tuesday’s episode of the radio show. “He and I became friends and we were very, very cool and we spoke often. But for me, it got to a point where it became inappropriate and uncomfortable.”

Casey was circumspect, but traipsed forward, adding that “there were times when I felt like he was extremely demanding of my time and my attention,” and would become very angry when she would not acquiesce to his demands.

“When I started to feel uncomfortable and you [DJ Envy] started to feel uncomfortable, I took a step back. There was flirting and inappropriate compliments for a woman who’s married.”

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