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ASAP Rocky’s playful banter with paparazzo while out with Rihanna

Actions highlight his protective nature and lighthearted approach to dealing with attention toward his partner
ASAP Rocky
(Photo credit: / Andrea Raffin)

During a recent outing in New York City, rapper ASAP Rocky displayed his playful side when he jokingly called out a paparazzo for flirting with global superstar Rihanna. The couple, who have two children together, were celebrating the second birthday of their son RZA when the incident occurred.

A Mother’s Day Moment Interrupted

While Rihanna was receiving Mother’s Day wishes, a particular comment from a fan stood out. The fan, who seemed to have a white rose for Rihanna, wished her a happy Mother’s Day in a manner that A$AP Rocky found too intimate. With a smile, Rocky teased, “Don’t be romantic to my girl like that,” before assuring the fan he was just kidding around.

ASAP Rocky: Protector of Rihanna’s Space

This is not the first instance where ASAP Rocky has stepped in to ensure Rihanna’s comfort in public. In a previous encounter, he asked two men to behave more respectfully in Rihanna’s presence, emphasizing the need for gentlemen-like conduct around her.

ASAP Rocky’s actions highlight his protective nature and lighthearted approach to dealing with the public’s attention toward his partner, Rihanna, a music icon and mother to their children.

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