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North West shines in concert for 30th anniversary of ‘The Lion King’

North West gets mixed social media reactions
The Lion King
Photo credit: / Rachel Moon

North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, recently played Simba in a performance celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Lion King. Her debut at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles was met with a standing ovation from the audience, which included her family and the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Despite the support, social media reactions were mixed, with some praising her performance and others questioning the fairness of casting opportunities for celebrity children.

Family support and a standing ovation

During the event, North West was cheered on by her mother Kim Kardashian, father Kanye West, grandmother Kris Jenner, and aunt Kourtney Kardashian, alongside her husband Travis Barker. The family’s presence and the crowd’s ovation highlighted the significance of her acting debut.

Community reactions: a debate over opportunity

While some commended North’s performance, it sparked a broader conversation on social media about access to opportunities for children in the entertainment industry. Comments ranged from expressing a desire for non-famous children to have similar opportunities to critiques about the readiness and fairness of casting celebrity kids over those with more experience and talent.

Some users highlighted the importance of giving chances to talented children who are not in the spotlight.

Others pointed out that industry connections can overshadow hard work and dedication.

The debate also touched on the expectations and pressures celebrity children face in the public eye.

Costume critiques and celebrity kid comparisons

North’s costume, consisting of a yellow hooded jacket with matching bedazzled joggers and a furry headpiece, also became a topic of discussion. Additionally, comparisons were drawn with other celebrity children, questioning why they were not selected for the role.

The conversation around North West’s performance in The Lion King anniversary event reflects ongoing discussions about privilege, talent, and opportunity in the entertainment industry, particularly for young aspiring actors.

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