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How shapewear is impacting plus-size fashion and body image

The rise of shapewear in the fashion industry presents a complex scenario. While it appears to offer progressive inclusivity by providing more style and size options, it also perpetuates underlying issues that affect body image and self-perception, particularly within the


Black women business owners challenge Corporate Transparency Act

Small businesses across the United States are grappling with new financial reporting requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act. This legislation mandates that over 32 million small businesses disclose private information about their beneficial owners to the federal government, including names,


How Black contractors can thrive in the gig economy 

The workforce landscape is evolving, with freelancing and gig work becoming increasingly prevalent. For the Black community, understanding how to thrive in this new economy is crucial. The gig economy offers flexibility and autonomy, but it also comes with challenges


Employment discrimination concerns rise for social protest participants

Recent reports have raised concerns about potential employment discrimination against individuals who have engaged in social protests. Huy Nguyen, a Chief Education and Career Development Advisor, warns that companies inquiring about potential employees’ protest participation may be veering into discriminatory


President Biden and VP Harris reaffirm commitment to reelection

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris recently made headlines with a surprise appearance on a Democratic National Committee call, reinforcing their determination to continue their reelection campaign. This announcement comes amidst swirling rumors and concerns about Biden’s participation

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Arizona Beverages commits to affordability amid rising costs

In an era where inflation is impacting budgets, Arizona Beverages stands out by not raising its prices. Don Vultaggio, the chairman and co-founder of Arizona Beverages, emphasized the company’s dedication to affordability during a recent interview on TODAY. Since its


Celebrating influential voices in Black cultural discourse

Our community is rich with dynamic voices and perspectives, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Black culture. From entertainment to social justice, Black voices resonate with power, creativity, and resilience. This article sheds light on the influential figures and


Black corporate executives weigh in on DEI commitment

Nearly three-quarters of Black executives in corporate America have rated their companies’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as strong, according to a recent survey by The Executive Leadership Council (ELC). However, they also highlighted areas where business improvement

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