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Why Brianna McNeal was banned from Tokyo Olympics

Brianna McNeal has been banned from participating in the Olympics for the next five years. According to NBC Sports, McNeal, the 2016 Olympic champion in the 100-meter hurdles, missed a drug test in January 2020, reportedly because she was on

Entire restaurant crew quits at the same time

After an alleged argument with management, an entire McDonald’s crew in California walked out mid-shift — leaving nothing but a sign on the door. A viral video posted June 28 on Tiktok shows an empty McDonald’s restaurant in the middle

2024: Looks like we might see Donald Trump again

TEXAS — In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, former president Donald Trump gives his answer about possibly running for re-election in 2024. When Trump left the White House, he mentioned that it was long from over. And on June

New $8K stimulus check coming?

Apparently, the new child tax credit has a few more perks than usual for your stimulus check — and only applicable for 2021. According to Kiplinger, this year’s version of the tax credit is called the Child and Dependent Care

Hate crime - Two Black veterans fatally shot, 'white supremacist rhetoric' found - Nathan Allen

2 Black veterans fatally shot, White supremacist rhetoric found

Winthrop, Massachusetts — Two Black community leaders were gunned down on Saturday afternoon, June 26, in what’s being investigated as a hate crime. According to NBC News 10 – Boston, the crime started out as auto theft, noting 28-year-old Nathan

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