One Venture Group is Madison Avenue’s new Black ad agency

Rolling out spoke with Troy Brown, Jason Carter and Steve Canal, the three co-founders of One Venture Group, about their new venture. As a brand manager, what are some of the innovative tools you use to get ahead and stay ahead? Troy Brown: I won’t detail the specific names of all the tools in our […]

Greater Indianapolis NAACP president Chrystal Ratcliffe shares plan for change

Chrystal Ratcliffe is the president of the Greater Indianapolis NAACP branch #3053 and a member of the NAACP Indiana State Executive Committee. She is a retired United Auto Worker activist and has spent the last 26 years in leadership roles that demonstrate her strong passion for labor rights and civil rights. In February 2021, she […]

Netflix filmmaker Renae Bluitt shares why she shows up to fight for all women

(photo provided by Renae Bluitt)

Renae Bluitt is a filmmaker, digital content creator and brand expert based in Brooklyn, New York. She serves as an advocate for Black Women’s accurate representation in the media. In 2009, Renae launched the “In Her Shoes” blog, which features Black women. Unsurprisingly, it was named “Best Business Blog of the Year” in the 2011 […]

Tuskegee alumna and veterinarian Dr. Autumn M. Madden knows her worth

Rolling out recently spoke with veterinarian Dr. Autumn M. Madden, a 2016 graduate of the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine who works at the Adams Morgan Animal Hospital in her hometown of Washington, D.C.  Not only does she care for animals at work, but she also shares her home with four of her own: […]

10 female rap pioneers who made historic contributions to hip-hop

In the ’80s, when hip-hop took over the music scene, the art form was predominantly influenced by the likes of LL Cool J, Run DMC, the Furious 5 and a multitude of others. It didn’t take long for their female counterparts to join the party, pushing through with perseverance, strength and undeniable skills. With a […]

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