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One Venture Group is Madison Avenue’s new Black ad agency

One Venture Group is Madison Avenue's new Black ad agency
Troy Brown (left to right), Jason Carter and Steve Canal. (Photo provided by One Venture Group)

Rolling out spoke with Troy Brown, Jason Carter and Steve Canal, the three co-founders of One Venture Group, about their new venture.

As a brand manager, what are some of the innovative tools you use to get ahead and stay ahead?

Troy Brown: I won’t detail the specific names of all the tools in our stack. However, we have invested an inordinate amount of funding into tools that assist us with everything from consumer audience intelligence, social listening analytics, and attribution throughout the entire marketing funnel to PR attribution, influencer identification, and audience analysis, dynamic content optimization across organic and paid media channels.

We feel confident that by making an ongoing investment in innovation and the appropriate tools, then overlaying our innate ability to drive and program culture, we’ll always stay a few steps ahead of our competitors.

How do you use collaboration as a marketing strategy?

Steve Canal: Collaboration is an essential key component to an effective, efficient marketing strategy when done right. A good mix of a diversity of thought, succinct vision, masterful execution, and engaging audience ultimately will birth results and innovation that can carry your brand through the best and worst times of an economy.  There are many ways to leverage collaboration but here are five questions you need to answer before moving forward:

1. What are my company goals and does this potential collaboration align with our overall vision?

2. Does the potential partner belief system align with our core values?

3. Through our digital technology how can we capture the voice and authentic feelings of our target audience?

4. How can we leverage collaboration to strengthen a potential weakness for a particular campaign launch?

5. What are some effective metrics we can use to measure success and results for our brand partners and organization?

We believe OVG is uniquely positioned when it comes to the idea of collaborations given our collective experience in both the corporate and agency world. We have developed and worked on global campaigns in addition to owning impactful intellectual properties of our own utilizing collaborations. Our capabilities have flourished in many different industries such as information technology, alcohol industry, financial, health care, communication services, consumer staples, professional sports, and others. We pride ourselves on being able to bring worlds together while effectively garnering results leaving an impression on our target audience.

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