Dr. Montgomery Rice outlines ‘Beacon of Hope’ program to close health care gap

Dr. Montgomery Rice, president of Morehouse School of Medicine, discusses the 10-year, multimillion-dollar collaboration with Novartis to close the health care disparity between Blacks and Whites. Recruiting and training medical investigators will help to alleviate the distrust Blacks have had toward the medical community since the infamous Tuskegee experiment.

Kandi Burruss drops gems on how to maintain sexual health

The Gilead Center hosted an HIV/AIDS awareness panel to provide information and promote sexual health within the Black community. On Aug. 17, actress, singer-songwriter and producer Kandi Burruss spoke to event participants. Rolling out spoke with Burruss about how she uses her platform to raise awareness about the disease.

Novartis and HBCUs collaborate on ‘Beacon of Hope’ to achieve health equity

Dr. Patrice Matchaba, president of the U.S. Novartis Foundation, is collaborating with esteemed HBCU medical schools for the “Beacon of Hope,” campaign, a 10-year, multimillion-dollar initiative designed to address pervasive health disparities nationwide. Morehouse School of Medicine initiated the first clinical trials at the Center of Excellence. 

Center for Elders’ Independence celebrates 40th anniversary

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – The Center for Elders’ Independence celebrated its 40th anniversary on July 12. The facility serves as a daycare center for elders who can get physical therapy, exercise and socialize among other elders in the community before returning home in the evening. It’s a happy medium for adult caretakers who want help caring […]

Queen Afua and Angela Yee speak at wellness event

“The Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee, bestselling writer Queen Afua, wellness savant Kheperah Kearse, LIFE Camp founder Erica Ford, and Emmy Award-winning journalist Mara Schiavocampoat spoke at the City of Wellness “Spring Clean” detox and book signing hybrid event at Yee’s Juices for Life location in Brooklyn, New York.

Spelman student Asia Brown thrives with Tampax’s ‘Flow It Forward’ scholarship

Asia Brown, a pre-nursing student at Spelman College, aspires to open a clinic in her Mississippi hometown that adequately addresses Black females’ reproductive and sexual health. Spending her formative years driving an hour or more to see a practitioner of color, Brown is poised to make her dream come true with the help of Tampax’s […]

‘Docta Mo Flow’ gives reasons COVID-19 vaccines have saved lives

Dr. Monique “Mo Flow” Hedmann-Maxey is a first-year resident physician in the Department of Family Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She is also an advisory board member of Hip-Hop Public Health (HHPH) and a board member of Arts and Minds, Inc. Prior to attending medical school, she served as the director of operations for HHPH […]

Tiffani Martin and Yale ophthalmologist fighting diabetes-related eye disease

Tiffani Martin is an inspiration to whomever she encounters. Despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and eventually going blind at age 27 from diabetic retinopathy, she got married and is the owner of two businesses. Robinson and Dr. Kristen Nwanyanwu of Yale University spoke to rolling out regarding their campaign to fight diabetes-related eye […]

George Matlock extols the health benefits of CBD

George Matlock is the owner of the Your CBD Store in the tony Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. He talked with rolling out about why he conducted research about CBD, why he opened his store during the pandemic, and why the younger generation should be looking into CBD.

Charjoi Pringle promoting wellness and self-love through Joiful Healing

Charjoi Pringle is a self-published author, host of the podcast “I Am Wellness,” community health educator, and the founder and CEO of Joiful Healing. She continues to navigate her own wellness journey every day and empowers individuals to take the steps they need to explore self-love, healing, and gratitude the best they can with the […]