Comedian Mario Tory amuses crowd at Bonfire ATL

Comedian Mario Tory recently owned the stage at Bonfire ATL and had the audience in stitches with funny punchlines and relatable stories. Sponsored by Backwoods, Bonfire ATL is the best place to let loose while enjoying a night of comedy and fun. Tory opened up about his comedy, how he’s embraced by different audiences, and […]

The ATL Hookah Queen talks about entrepreneurship at Bonfire ATL

Sundays in Atlanta bring out an array of creative entrepreneurs to Bonfire ATL, which is sponsored by Backwoods. Vendors from across the city bring food trucks, alcoholic beverages, dessert stands, tobacco products and more. Quisha, aka the ATL Hookah Queen, is not only making moves as an entrepreneur but also as an artist. Hookah smoking […]

R&B singers showcase their powerful voices on Bonfire stage

Sponsored by Backwoods, Bonfire ATL not only caters to the hip-hop audience, but also to R&B music. Rhythm and blues is an internationally popular genre that caters to diverse audiences. The R&B duo, D— Tootie and Jazzy with the Soul, performed together this past Sunday on the Bonfire stage. They later spoke to rolling out […]

Young Swavey discusses his appreciation for the Backwoods brand

Rolling out spoke with Detroit rapper Young Swavey, as part of our Making Smoke series. How would you describe your brand? My brand is really like a family. We’re really together. We really focus on fashion and everything, it’s lifestyle. We really embrace the lifestyle that we live. We turn up and we’re in the studio […]

Matty Shredz brings trap guitar skills to Detroit rap scene

Rolling out spoke with Matty Shredz, Detroit trap guitarist, as part of our “Making Smoke” series, centered on the Backwoods brand. How did you get started in music? It all started 10 years ago. My mom bought me my first acoustic guitar. Then soon after, she bought me my first electric. Growing up then, I always looked […]

Miami rapper Champagne 937 expresses gratitude for the Backwoods brand

Rolling out spoke with Miami rapper Champagne 937, as part of our “Making Smoke” series, centered on the Backwoods brand. Describe your brand. I would say our brand is “Jetway.” It stands for “just enjoy the way.’ No matter what you do, no matter what you’ve got going on, make sure you enjoy the way. Everything […]